About Us

About Atcore

Atcore Australia is a beacon of hope, empowering individuals with disabilities across Melbourne to carve out pathways of independence and joy. Our foundation is built on empathy, professionalism, and an unyielding commitment to tailoring services that respect each NDIS participant’s individuality. 

Our team is a powerhouse of seasoned professionals bringing years of experience, expertise, and heartfelt enthusiasm to serve our community. Our team of skilled personnel are the gears turning behind the scenes, orchestrating services that are not just support systems but a bridge to dreams unfulfilled.

Join us in this enriching journey, where every step forward is a step towards potential unbounded and a life adorned with opportunities and self-fulfilment.

Our Promise

Atcore Australia don’t just support; we elevate lives, help realise dreams through dedication, professionalism, and an undying spirit of community.


We are committed to creating endless opportunities for growth and personal development, helping every NDIS participant to reach their fullest potential through targeted and individualised support services.


Our dedicated team fosters independence by empowering NDIS participants with the tools and support necessary to live self-directed lives, steering their own journeys with confidence and autonomy.


Embracing diversity in all its forms, we craft inclusive and adaptable solutions that respect and celebrate the individuality of each participant, promoting a rich, varied, and understanding community for all.

Our Purpose

Delivering Unparalleled Service Excellence

  • Personalised Care Plans Tailored strategies designed to align with individual goals and needs, ensuring maximised outcomes for every participant.
  • Highly Trained Staff Empowered professionals, continually upskilled, dedicated to providing the highest level of support and guidance.
  • Innovative Solutions Harnessing the latest in assistive technology and methodologies, ensuring participants receive cutting-edge support for their evolving needs.


Looking for the right support & not sure where to go? You’re on the right spot.
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