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The Household and Daily Tasks service at Atcore Australia is designed to assist NDIS participants with chores and responsibilities around the home, helping to maintain a clean, safe, and organised living space. Our dedicated team assists with a variety of household tasks including cleaning, laundry, gardening and minor home maintenance tasks. These services are tailored to meet each individual’s preferences and needs, to ensure that their home remains a comfortable and personalised space. 

Through this service, participants can maintain a neat and hygienic living space without the physical strain or stress that can sometimes accompany household chores. It also fosters a greater sense of independence and control over their living environment.

How the Household and Daily Tasks Works

  • Detailed discussion and understanding of the participant’s household needs
  • Development of a customised support plan encompassing all necessary household tasks
  • Regular scheduling of service providers to undertake the required tasks
  • Flexibility to adjust services as needs change


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