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Definition: Specialised Support Coordination is a focused service offered by Atcore Australia for NDIS participants who have complex and higher needs, ensuring they receive the most appropriate support. It is designed to address and navigate challenges, whether they be in participants’ living situations, health requirements, or other critical situations, by coordinating and integrating their support.

Specialised Support Coordination empowers participants by ensuring they access the right supports at the right time, resulting in maximised outcomes and improved life quality. This service alleviates the stress of navigating the intricate NDIS system, ensuring participants feel supported and understood.

How the Specialised Support Coordination Works:

  • Assessment of individual needs and identification of potential challenges.
  • Collaboration with a network of professionals to source the best possible support.
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment of support plans to reflect changing needs.
  • Ensuring all supports align with the participant’s NDIS plan and goals.
  • Crisis management and timely intervention in complex situations.


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