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At Atcore Australia, our Daily Tasks/Shared Living service is devised to assist NDIS participants in managing their daily tasks and responsibilities efficiently, promoting an enhanced quality of life. This service encompasses an array of supports, including but not limited to, assistance with daily personal activities, enabling participants to accomplish their routines in a collaborative, shared living environment. Whether it’s aid with meal preparation, cleaning, or grooming, our trained professionals are here to foster a living environment where each individual can thrive, while sustaining the joy and comfort of shared living experiences.

By opting for the Daily Tasks/Shared Living service, NDIS participants will be able to retain their independence and improve their living skills. Moreover, it fosters a community-centric living experience where individuals can form meaningful connections with others.

How the Daily Tasks/Shared Living Works

  • Assessment of individual needs and preferences
  • Tailored support plans developed in collaboration with the participants
  • Regular reviews to ensure the supports are meeting the participant’s goals and expectations
  • Expert professionals to assist with daily activities in a respectful and empowering manner


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